John Mason – Time to Think

Sit down, there’s always Time to Think, or in our words, there’s always time to listen to John Mason. Returning with the second single and title track from his forthcoming EP, ‘Time to Think’ soothes the soul with it’s appreciative nature. 

Indie folk with tinges of reggae pop in it’s complexion, ‘Time to Think’ radiates feel-good vibes, and that’s certainly what the world needs at the moment.

An artist that’s always poured his personality into each release, ‘Time to Think’ sits on a pedestal waiting for it’s crown.

Easy listening and based around an upbeat folk soundscape, the track tells the story of appreciating the little things in life and always learning to trust yourself instead of looking else where for answers. 

You could hear this fitted perfectly in coming-of-age film’s soundtrack.

A reflective song that longs to be played while staring at the crystal clear sky, ‘Time to Think’ is a pleasant awakening into John Mason’s upcoming EP. 

Recorded alongside ARIA winning producer Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, CLEWS, Johnny Hunter), the forthcoming EP sounds like it will be John’s best piece of work yet. 

John Mason is a songwriter that shows no end to his talents.