John Murray – Oscar Wilde (Came Here to Make Fun of You)

As quirky as the title itself, John Murray’s latest single ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here to Make Fun of You)’ certainly carries a unique sound in which many of you won’t have heard before. Tasteful, gripping and mysterious, it’s a 5-minute musical mastery crafted in a fine way to leave any listener hanging off the edge of their seat.

Haunting is the first thing that comes to mind upon pressing play on this track. Opening with a disoriented melody of what appears to sound like a broken jewellery box chime, chills are sent directly to your spine. And the goosebumps on your arm begin to rise.

But, before you can even comprehend the direction in which this song will take, that’s when the drum kicks in. Sudden, yet subtle, the lionhearted beats in which the drums omit demand dominance as they play heavily over the song. The once menacing transitory has now be transformed into a foot-stomping instrumentation.

Just when you think this song can’t get any more idiosyncratic, you are then welcomed by the southern indulged vocals in which John projects. Softly crooned over the ever-so-relaxing melody, it’s hard not to become immersed within his carefully hand-picked words.

The Irish-born singer hasn’t just created a song that’s musically spellbinding, but, he has also managed to narrate sensitive subjects in a lyrical way of elegance and sophistication. Early phrases such as “Who in the hell am I supposed to trust” and “Sympathy ends in gas chambers” depict the violence which is in the world – something that many of us can relate to or have seen. It’s hard-hitting for sure, but nevertheless, empowering.

The lush lyricism and delicate syncopation displayed within ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here to Make Fun of You)’ is the perfect example of John’s undeniable talents. So give it a listen and see what you think because I have a hunch you may be pleasantly surprised!