John Tocco – Over There

Over There… if you look closely you’ll see that singer-songwriter John Tocco has released an elevating new single. Titled “Over There“, the track is the fourth song from his monthly ‘Singles Project’ where he releases a new song, you guessed it, once a month.

Armed with a funk meets indie production, the power-pop vibe that the track illuminates feels familiar yet highly refreshing and comforting. Like finding a old friend after a few years of not being in contact, ‘Over There‘ is a genuine number that highlights a songwriter with passion.

Inspired specifically by John’s experience in being in a long-distance relationship, the track gives hope for listeners and also a shoulder to cry on. With two different perspectives, it speaks to fans across the globe.

The track feels slightly dated with it’s production, and could speak to more people if it’s arrangement was slightly more polished. Saying that, the overall concept of the track and atmosphere will get you moving in your seat and leave you with a smile on your face. Going down nostalgia avenue, this track feels like it’s come straight out of the 70s, and I think that was the vibe John was going for.

Overall, a memorable single that is a sort of helping hand in today’s climate.