Johnny Lloyd – Low Fidelity Vol.1

Johnny Lloyd’s new album ‘Low Fidelity Vol.1’ is a perfect showcase of the lad’s guitar skills and other musical abilities. Where others may hide behind upbeat tunes and gimmicks, Johnny Lloyd lays out a very raw and intimate album. If you are looking for party songs this is not the album for you but it is a great collection of well-made songs.

Starting off the album with ‘Pilgrims’ it sets the tone for the rest of the album. Starting with a slow-rolling drum beat then adding a melodic guitar riff and a bit of synth in the background make the song very relaxing. The type of music you can put on after a long day and just go into your own little world.

Pretty much all of the songs on the album have that effect on you, yet none of the songs feels the same. Each one has something that makes it stand out from the rest. ‘Dead Beat’ has a really slow tempo and feels like you’re listening to a story. Although the laughter about 2 thirds of the way in is kinda creepy and unsettling the rest of the song more than makes up for it. Or you have ‘Boys Don’t Dance’ that has a great funky guitar riff that will have you tapping your foot along, as you admire the talent in the song.

It’s this talent that is showcased throughout ‘Low Fidelity Vol. 1’. Just listen to the different guitar styles and riffs on all the songs. Both electric and acoustic. You get pleasing folk guitar strumming on ‘Ocean To Paradise’ to intricate picking on ‘Crucify the Sky’ to an echoed waltz-like guitar riff in ‘In This World’. All the guitar on the album is spot on and makes you feel at ease. In ‘You on a String’ you can hear the best evidence of Johnny Lloyd’s mastery of the guitar. The guitar riff is simple but the clanky sound of the guitar gives it a strange uniqueness that drags you into wanting to listen to the song more.

It’s not just guitar that this album is good at. It demonstrates a lot of great beats that don’t get boring. ‘Graffiti’ is a great example of this as it is an unusual beat but just seems to work. It’s the combination of the riffs and beats that make this album special.

The highly reverbed vocals might not be for everyone, but they really add to the relaxing feel of the album. With such talent in the music, it gives you the opportunity to zone out of the vocals and focus on the music yet still have the same feeling.

The album signs off with ‘Touch the sun’. This rolling guitar riff that goes throughout the song is soothing and the vocals put you at ease as you listen to the story Johnny Lloyd is telling. It is a great way to finish the album and leave you waiting for his next release.

Overall ‘Low Fidelity Vol. 1’ is a perfect showcase of the talent and passion that Johnny Lloyd has for his music. If you are looking for something to help you relax or want to hear something special ‘Low Fidelity Vol. 1’ is definitely worth a listen. Whether it’s the soothing nature of the songs, the talent in the music or the stories he tells in the lyrics there is something for everyone on his album.