Joho – Rules

Already racking up almost 40,000 streams on Spotify alone on his latest single ‘Rules‘, Joho is a singer-songwriter and rapper certainly making waves. Based in Houston, Texas, the music flows through Joho’s veins and his newest release cement that as a fact. Inspired by breakups and creating music that suits independent people who are always looking for a revelation, this singer-songwriter is living proof that the Texas music scene goes from strength to strength.

Situated around an indie arrangement, ‘Rules’, ironically, strictly follows its own guidelines. From the introduction, you instantly think this track is going to be another indie-rock track from an upcoming band that are desperate to make a name for themselves.

It isn’t until ten seconds in when you realise you’re in for something completely different. Coated with a soulful aura that fits perfectly in between R&B, pop and trap – Joho sings about double standards in the latest release.

Produced by Stefan Schonewilla & Justin de Wries, and further mixed and mastered by Vic Cuccia, the overall production is clear and glistens with summer vibes. At just over two and a half minutes long, the only thing that the song feels like it could be improved on is the length and dynamics. Staying the same dynamically throughout, the track is screaming out for a completely different section that builds up further hype.

Nevertheless, ‘Rules‘ doesn’t care what anyone necessarily thinks of it. It’s original, yet pays ode to its inspirations. Joho seamlessly floats through nostalgic elements while still sounding fresh.