Joker’s Hand – War Profiteer

The Jokers have entered a new era with their new single War Profiteer: a bouncy tune with a lot going for it. 

The sound of this bop alludes to country music as well as reggae. In fact, I assumed this was a pop-country song when it kicked in with the chorus. However, this ridiculously groovy bassline joins at the verse and it feels so reggae. The overall feeling of this song is very feel-good, and this is something I guarantee when listening to Joker’s Hand. 

New ideas and changing up their style is what keeps artists interesting, and as the two-piece shed their skin and go into new territories you can not help but admire them. 

As for the vocals, they are spot on – with crisp harmonies backing already strong leads it is incredibly satisfying. The smooth vocals are reminiscent of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. If there are any Green Day fans reading now, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, go and listen!

These two exude energy and positivity – they are young and hark working artists, pumping out covers as well as originals left, right, and centre. The feeling you get from their music reflects their attitude and if certainly uplifts you. 

Lastly, I would like to shed light on what these great people have been doing to support the #StopAsianHate movement in recent times. They’ve played a stop Asian hate rally and are ensuring their voices are heard on the topic on social media. Click the link in their instagram bio (jokershandofficial) to understand more on this unquestionably important topic.