Jolé – Silver Lake

London based singer-songwriter Jolé returns with heartwarming EP ‘Silver Lake’. Joshua Oliver aka Jolé creates a cinematic soundscape with his music, complimenting indie-folk with great ease. Paying homage to ‘Silver Lake’, the EP tells themes of beauty, sharing experiences and travelling the world. 

Grab those tissues, this personal rollercoaster will make you feel.

First single on the EP ‘Alpine Green’ is a heartfelt, tender number that will pull at your heartstrings. An open invite into Jolé’s world, this captivating single is a breathtaking outlook into the true beauty that lives around us day to day. A track that lets you sit back and pause, ‘Alpine Green’ flows with lo-fi tendencies and guides listeners through a journey of simplicity. 

Pictures of You’ is a snapshot into Jolé’s journey through relationships and friendships. A track that feels collaborative, this single lets you put your own twist into the mix. Relatable, and a picture ‘first dance’ track, ‘Pictures of You’ is genuine. 

Featuring LA based singer-songwriter Marie Gallo, ‘Still’ finds two voices intertwine freely. Dynamically, the track feels permanently in one place, and doesn’t climb to a peak. Saying that, the continual hazy soundscape is a true asset to this EP.

EP closer ‘Tie Dye Sky’ signifies the end but not forever. A truly captivating EP from Jolé that anyone could resonate with.

An EP that lets the lyrics fully do the talking, the prominently vocal release is a real tearjerker, in the best way possible.