Jonny Olley – Slow

I can’t remember the last time a folk/ indie tune actually gave me the shivers within the first 30 seconds. Jonny Olley has gone all out in this spell-binding, magnificent guitar-driven single, ‘Slow’ and there’s no better place for this tune than on BBC Radio 6 Music’s A list – because this is a belter. It’s the little piano trills that come in every so often for me.

They contrast so well with the acoustic guitars and Olley’s raspy voice, an almost ghostlike layer to a tune made to chill to the bone. The lyrics are modern, too – something I always like with new artists. Every so often we’re met with a sliding electric guitar; a haunting texture. The instruments are well placed, seamless all the way through, not too busy, and glued together to perfection.

This is fresh, put simply. It’s nice to hear a track that has lots of different features that are built to create a well structured, intelligent track. Olley knows what he is doing – that much is clear. I imagine ‘Slow’ is the first single of many that will really resonate with his fan base. He is a genuine artist with a purpose, and this authenticity pours through in his song.

Slow’ is unique, too. Vague, I know – but Olley’s ability to create such a genre-bending tune is surreal to me. That’s what it is; surreal, mainly due to the outstanding production. A slightly dystopian feel and ambiance, but lyrics that are direct. ‘Thanks for the mess’. It’s these small but resounding lines that stand out.