Joshua Zero – Your Eyes Are Fighting Me

Your Eyes Are Fighting Me’ is the latest hot single from London based rock-artist Joshua Zero. Harbouring similar musical traits from the likes of David Bowie and the Sports Team, this new scorcher of a release is set to bring a nostalgic essence back to the world of music.

Quirky is the first thing to come into mind when listening to this new single. At first, you are blessed with a punchy rhythm built around grunge-esque baselines and heavy percussion – it is bound to get your heart rate flying. This sort of introduction is exactly the one destined to get any listener drawn into a song, and it’s clear that this was Josh’s intention from the start.

Next, that’s when the dominant vocals strike. With Josh’s guttural blares catching you off guard, it’s clear from the output that ‘Your Eyes Are Fighting Me’ is a rock star ballad in the making. Quickly switching it up from shouts to harmony, the vocals omitted in the next few seconds are powerful, to say the least. They sound unique. They sound exciting. But at the same time, almost familiar – in the sense that you feel as though you’re ready to sing along without even hearing the rest of the song.  

Everything about this release screams talent, but it’s ultimately the chorus that shines the most. “And there you are, with blue lightning/My eyes are striking/And your gaze is frightening me” are probably some of the most memorable lyrics I have ever listened to. And, cushioned so perfectly by a melody that could only be described as heart-pounding and electrifying, you really will be screaming each lyric word for word by the end of the song.

It only takes one listen to know how amazing this track really is, amplifying the sheer talent Joshua has. I will most certainly be adding this song to my playlist, and I think you should too. You will not regret it!