JUBE – Breathe and Deep Blue Sea

Applying a modern twist to their dreamy smooth jazz sound, JUBE releases their latest singles ‘Breathe’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea’ in the build-up to their forthcoming album ‘As One Door Closes’ (set to be released 21st August).

Being the first single to be released from the album, ‘Breathe’ takes the role of introducing the artistic direction of the albums sound and faces no hardship in piquing your interest. Calmly opening with an acoustic guitar and an electric piano, jazzy chords melt their way through the music forming a polished soundscape which welcomes you into the rest of the song.

The singers raspy vocals lead the music in a hypnotic kind of way and although they’re certainly melodic, there’s an enchanting feel of narration to them which clings to your attention as you delve into the lyrics. Amongst all this, its flawless rhythm section provides the tracks strong backbone- opting for a singular tight snare in the verses and leaving the full kit to the choruses the contrasting percussive elements adds a unique level of depth to the tracks sections. The chorus sees intricate rhythms being played from the kit which, despite being more complex, don’t overpower the integrity of the section but instead gives it its infectious groove.

Despite the track exceeding five minutes, the music doesn’t at all feel ‘dragged’ out as it effectively manages to let different stylistic elements shine through when the music is in need of a contrast. With undercurrents of funk and soul gliding through the music, the track as a whole proves to be effortlessly cool.

Following ‘Breathe’s release is their second single off the album ‘Deep Blue Sea’, opening with a similar style of jazz-tailored chords to their previous single but with a higher level of stamina. Incorporating twinkly electric piano riffs and guitar harmonics, the music paints a mystical, intriguing kind of sound. Making full use of the rhythm section this time, strong, funky bass lines play alongside delicate but highly intricate drumbeats which consistently play throughout the track. Providing some seriously tight syncopation in the choruses as well as incorporating more fierce harmonies this time, the intensity of the music’s groove just keeps on growing.

Both singles display a serious level of impressive complexity in regard to both composition and performance, keeping their signature style apparent without ever going stale. Igniting a vivid force of jazz, funk and soul, ‘As One Door Closes’s release will definitely be worth the wait.