Jude The Obscure – Moments

South Manchester’s Jude The Obscure has recently returned with his latest single, ‘Moments’. The release of the track follows on from the success of previous releases ‘Chapter 8’ and ‘Waiting’, which were both released earlier this year.

Moments’ sees Jude The Obscure cement himself into the hearts of his ever-growing fanbase, the track features heartfelt and emotive lyrics are destined to have a lasting impact on the listener. ‘Moments’ sees Jude The Obscure further expand his already unique sound, taking his signature dreamy-jazz sound up a level.

The track is piano led and morphs into a gorgeous jazz and hip-hop number, with a soulful trumpet and hard hitting drums which bind to create something truly original.

‘Moments’ is about ‘hard work, overcoming the hurdles that life throws at you, coming out on top in light of the hardships we face in our day to day lives.’ This message is prominent throughout, there is something about the bonding between Jude The Obscure’s lyricism and instrumentation which feels relatable.

Jude The Obscure’s previous tracks have had a huge impact on the main streaming services, he has already been featured on major Spotify curated playlists such as New Music Friday UK, Jazz UK and Fresh Finds. On top of this, Jude has also featured on Apple Music’s On The Corner and Jazz Scene UK, whilst also gaining support from Deezer.

Moments’ sees Jude The Obscure excel, with this track he takes his already unique sound up another level, personal yet relatable lyrics mix flawlessly with the trumpet licks and create a distinctive experience for the listener. With his quirky sound palette, Jude The Obscure continues to impress.