Jude The Obscure – Strong Enough

The debut single from Jude The Obscure is incredibly humbling to listen to purely because of its subject matter. Carrying a very relaxed vibe with its chilled out piano backing and quick but gentle lounge-style drum beats. When contrasted against Jude’s firm rap flow that’s clear and easy to understand and is all about issues faced by many people in the modern day. 

With such a relaxed intro to ease you into the song before Jude begin’s singing, you’re left with this gentle mood hanging over before you’re even aware of the message that’s being delivered. 

The essential core message of Strong Enough is one of fighting your way through the turbulence of everyday life, with lines such as “having a victory smoke” being the clever lyrical backbone that carries the song so wonderfully. Coupled with the rap style verses that deliver a myriad of interesting lyrics throughout, there’s this rawness to strong enough that a lot of people could easily relate to. 

Whilst the chorus sections lean more into that lounge style that the piano tune sets in place, showing that Jude has a fantastic soft-spoken singing voice that would make some big-name RnB stars jealous. It provides accessibility to the song for people who may not listen to grime and hip-hop. 

There’s never a moment of dissonance between the music and the lyrical topic, which makes the song work so incredibly well. And for a debut effort, Jude The Obscure has truly struck gold with this track.