Julia Karr – Non Essential

Julia Karr hails from Hamburg, Germany and her latest single ‘Non Essential’ blends together a variety of laid-back beats and summery instrumentation.  

Karr combines a whole range of genres including R&B, indie bedroom pop and soul, taking influences from such acts as Kate Nash and Halsey. The sugar-sweet rhythms provided by synths and Karr’s vocals are soothing and enticing.  

The drum beats add an encouraging and uplifting tone to the track which is delightfully accompanied by the sharp guitar chords and engrossing flute playing. Nothing gives me a warm naturalistic vibe more than a flute fitted into indie music.  

Despite the uplifting tone the music sets, the theme of the track tackles many issues faced by people today including anxiety and self-perception around others. It’s interesting to be hooked by the music, but also think about the important lyrics at the same time.  

 Karr’s vocal style is rich and smooth and melts into the synths and beats. It really is a catchy tune that makes me excited to hear more from Karr and interested to explore what other pop is emerging from Germany.  

Non Essential is actually quite the essential track ,witha catchy mixture of instruments where nothing is wasted. The flute is nostalgic for the ages and the track in general takes me back to the sunny 2000’s of catchy pop/indie acts.