Junoplast Cave – How To Stop Bad Thoughts

Not many of us will be able to leave this pandemic and say that their mental health is great. When in fact, for most of us, covid-19 has made our mental state worse, and sometimes it’s hard to put into words just how low you’re actually feeling. But maybe music could help? That’s where 4-piece rock-band Junoplast Cave comes in. Their new EP ‘How To Stop Bad Thoughts’ is the perfect chronicle to how many of us feel. Menacing in its tone, fanatical in its melody, and truthful in its lyrics -it’s the beautiful ode to this anxiety-induced life we are all living.

In true rock’n’roll style, these 4 Brazilian lads have made sure to include some of the most electrifying guitar riffs. Heard most prominently in tracks such as ‘Are You Feeling?’ and ‘BIBO’, the rippling grunge-esque notes strive through the melody, dominating each verse, each chorus and each lyric. Likewise, the force and magnitude of the strikes blare through the speakers, causing a raucous of syncopation to saturate your mind – and I guess that does help ‘to stop bad thoughts’.

Another significant strong point for this EP is how the tracks make you feel. The sonic explosion in which most of the songs carry acts as a force to drive anyone up on their feet. This wouldn’t have been possible however, if it wasn’t for the lionhearted percussion which blares command throughout. Pounding down so heavily in each strike, your heart is left beating that little bit faster as the tempo ever so progressively evolves.

There is one track that stands out for me, and that’s ‘In My Head’. Everything within this song screams frustration. In other words, it almost acts like an auditory representation of what anxiety itself would sound like. The synthesized screeching waves, the raw guttural blares, the penetrating baselines. It’s all there. And it’s intense. Equally, the lyrics themselves are also highly significant: “I cannot figure out what is wrong with me” and “now our days are so extinct”. Phrases such as these are a lyrical reminder that you are not alone and that many of us are feeling the same way. To be able to narrate such a hard-hitting subject in such a unique and vulnerable way, to me screams talent.

How To Stop Bad Thoughts’ couldn’t have been released at a more age-appropriate time. Following a year of sheer devastation and gloom, it’s nice to have songs that you can both relate to and scream your heart out to.