K3NBY – Want You

A summer of sunshine and drinking is what a lot of us are looking forward to, and we will need a whole load of summer bangers to go with it. London artist K3NBY seems to have this at the forefront of his mind with his brand new single I Want You.

The track features some catchy vocal hooks that are supported by a strong and upbeat Dance/EDM mix. It’s the perfect recipe for a song that is fit for the clubs over the next few months.

When it comes to EDM music it’s quite easy to spend the whole thing waiting for the beat to drop. After all, when else is a better time to start jumping up and down like a maniac? If you get wrapped up in this, it can feel like you’re waiting a bit too long for it, and personally, I would’ve liked the drop a bit earlier on this one (or maybe even multiple drops if you really want to go for it).

The song doesn’t necessarily push the boat out when it comes to the message behind it. A bouncing dance tune about the feelings toward someone you’re in a relationship with and how they ‘only want you’ is hardly something we’ve never heard. Although, there’s a reason we hear it so often. It’s because it works so well and always does the job.

However, I did feel like I was listening to the same section of music on repeat with this new single. It would’ve been really nice to throw in even just a really short bridge to mix it up and keep things interesting.

Ibiza is written all over this track. When you listen to it you can basically feel the heat hitting your sun cream-drenched head. Even if you don’t plan on listening to the track, I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard it at some point in a random club over these next few months.

I’m sure it is in K3NBY’s intentions to get this tune playing in as many pubs and clubs as he can.

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