KALA CHNG – The Music

It’s fair to say that a lot of people love music. Well, Bristol-based artist KALA CHNG makes it very clear how much she loves music with her new single ‘The Music’.

KALA creates a peaceful, gentle sound to tell a heartfelt tale of how she lives her life through music and what it means to her. The use of simple piano chords with a brush of strings subtly placed on top makes for an extremely effective way of conveying KALA’s emotion.

You will only know what I mean once you’ve listened, but this track can only be described as moving. I could even imagine it being used in a Hollywood film soundtrack, maybe over a sad scene where that character you thought would make it gets killed in a shock twist.

One thing KALA does have going for her is her voice. With compassionate yet commanding tones, her sound stands out compared to what you get most of the time in new pop music. If I had to compare it to someone I’d have to say it’s similar to the likes of Kate Bush. 

However, I do think KALA could’ve shown us more with this single. I was left at the end hoping for an extra oomph that just never arrived. It’s all well and good finding this niche sound that makes your music yours, but you have to keep things interesting and dynamic over a four-minute song. 

I think it just needed an extra kick to uplift the track to really hammer home the message that KALA CHNG really can move you with her music. She definitely has the talent, but I hope she shows us more of it.

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