Kaleiders – Alright

This brand new full-throttle track comes from Warrington four-piece Kaleiders. Existing somewhere in the space between punk and indie, they combine chaos with calculation to devastatingly good effect, with the latest result being this foot stomp inducing, instantly memorable tune.

Taking inspiration from just down the M62 and Manchester’s sometimes forgotten punk history, they have embraced the spirit of the ‘70s DIY attitude and combined it with some more contemporary influences to find their sound, one which is both nostalgic but fresh.

Alright‘ is packed full of riffs which at their core are heavy, angry punk riffs by nature. There is always, however, more glittery and inviting indie rhythm hiding behind them, consistently breaking out to give this track an unexpected feeling of warmth beyond all of its energy. It impressively manages to merge all of its emotion to create a sense of melodic mayhem which bridges the gap between the two sounds effortlessly.

This track, far from being a newly imagined piece, was actually the first song the band ever made together over four years ago, but it was shelved after they struggled to put all of its pieces together. Having gone back as more complete musicians and reworked it, the version we hear now is the final result years of work, and I’m sure they will feel it has been worth it.

Nothing form Kaleiders seems to be done in half measures, with a real sense of power and meaning seeming to be expressed in every word and every beat. At times, attributable mainly to the vocals, their music can be slightly reminiscent of Frank Turner in both sound and energy, with real venom in the lyrics. In reality though, there is nobody who you could truly say has an identical sound to them.

Kaleiders have embraced and invested in their sound to become what we are hearing now, a band rarely matched in vigour, with the quality to back it up. There is no doubt that these four lads from Warrington are on to something big.