Karis Owen – Wind Me Down

A joyous and vibrant indie-pop tune Karis Owen. Growing up in Rhode Island and now based in New York, recording in Brooklyn with a UK born vocalist and keyboardist, they have had a real variety in their lives up to now, and that is reflected in this new track, Wind me down.

Beautifully layered to create a harmonious concoction of sounds, is feels more Sunday afternoon in the countryside than central New York City. A floaty guitar riff blending effortlessly with the soft voice of one vocalist, contrasting on and off with the stronger male throughout all contribute towards what ends up as a peaceful yet alluring harmony.

Exploring several different elements through its three minutes thirty seven seconds, with hallucinogenic vibes reminiscent of Tame Impala being disturbed by the more pop-punk feeling vocals, and even some heavier rock guitar, later on, this cannot particularly be pigeon-holed into a specific genre. Their moving around of states on the other side of the Atlantic, and the adoption of British talent to join them certainly seems to have created a mix of tastes and inspirations from which they have taken the best bits to create their own sound.

At points, it verges on psychedelic as the voices sway to and fro atop the constantly flowing instrumentals, with the aforementioned more prominent vocals providing a more cutting, indie edge each time they abruptly arrive. It’s not until we have nearly reached the end that we see a real power riff, which again takes you by surprise, keeping you guessing throughout as it builds to a crescendo.

Wind Me Down is everything they intended it to be and more. Greater than the sum of its subtle parts, retaining a funky edge whilst creating an undeniable sense of tranquillity as it builds and fades throughout. Their best track date, but I’m almost certain they still have bigger and better to come.