Kasia Konstance – You Never Do

If we’re getting the sunny weather we have been recently then we sure need the music to go with it, and London artist Kasia Konstance has provided exactly that with her new single ‘You Never Do’.

The single’s easy-flowing vibes really make you feel like you’re sat in your back garden soaking up the sun. 

Drifting guitar picking with Kasia’s enchanted vocals makes up a perfect match for that summer breeze feeling. Maybe it’s just the London accent, but Kasia’s voice provides a sound which has a ring of Lily Allen to it.

To add an extra layer to the track comes a feature from Manchester rapper KinKai. Despite Kasia not originally planning a feature on this tune, it was a good call in the end as KinKai’s rap does well to bring a bit of dynamism to the song.

Talking about the track, Kasia said “I wrote this song during lockdown when I got stuck for three months away from friends and loved ones. I was really struggling to understand my feelings and it caused a lot of confusion. I chatted to a friend and came to the realisation that I was experiencing platonic love, something completely new to me’’.

We’ve definitely all been there at some point in lockdown, and it’s easy to appreciate Kasia’s motive.

If the aim of this single was to generate a buzz for her upcoming September EP ‘Cosmic Dust’ then she certainly succeeded. I think Kasia shows a promising amount of talent for the future.

Despite the excitement created, I do hope that ‘Cosmic Dust’ shows off more of what Kasia can do than what she has demonstrated in ‘You Never Do’. Hopefully, the rest of the songs are a real showboat from the singer-songwriter.