Thursday night was all about a visit to YES for some post-punk shenanigans courtesy of Brighton band KEG. The YES pink room was a welcome haven from the freezing temperatures outside. This famous room, famous for not just being pink (literally) it is now known for welcoming a huge variety of genres onto its stage. The venue has attracted some big names, as well as bands on the rise and tonight was no exception.

Kicking off the proceedings was local band Volk Soup. This collective of talented musicians from Leeds and Manchester caused quite a stir, with frontman Harry Jones performing the entire set in amongst the audience, leaving the band to perform whilst he ran/skipped/cavorted/lay on the floor much to the delight of the crowd who encouraged, not that Jones needed any encouragement.

Volk Soup are a band that has to be seen live to fully appreciate the musicianship as this was much more than a band just playing songs from their album, it was a full on theatrical performance, led by Jones but just as enthusiastic were the six-piece band on stage, a sensory overload but certainly memorable and a welcome 45 minutes of chaos which allowed one to forget the trivialities of life, just for a while anyway.

The headliners this evening were Brighton’s KEG. The last time I saw these guys was at Manchester Psych Fest back in 2022. They certainly have a following in the city, and are gradually making waves breathing new life into the post punk scene with their own take on the genre.

The band treated the audience to a number of new songs which were well received. The seven piece band is led by Albert Haddenham, who, besides from being a brilliant enigmatic frontman, is also very amusing and it is refreshing to see a band not taking themselves too seriously. The sound is big, think big-band/Talking Heads/Gilla Band-esque and you’re still only part-way off describing this lot. KEG are another band that absolutely must be seen live to be fully appreciated. More details of their latest UK tour can be found below and I urge you to check em out!

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