Kendal Calling 2019:​ The Review

I recently moved to Manchester and all I have heard about on the build-up to the festival season was “You have to go to Kendal Calling Carl” So here I am.

It was a pleasure to have a new experience and attend a new festival, the previous 2 years I had been to YNOT, I now know why everyone goes on about it, it’s a fantastic event. What sets it aside for me is that it does offer other spaces and areas to explore, I loved wandering the many themed zones scattered amongst the food and drink areas. The setting is stunning in the lakes and the atmosphere was enthusistic.

Access to the festival was easy, well organised and signposted, we picked up our passes, popped up the tent, necked a can of booze and headed towards the main arena. It was Jurrasic Park themed, another great touch making it set out from other festivals, people dressed up, piles of dinosaur poo in the fields, entertainers galore! Nice one!

The first place we visited was Tim Peakes, a tea and coffee shack hosted by The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. Inside the place, I caught Becki Fishwick’s set. A cracking confident performance and grabbed a Yorkshire tea.

After grabbing some of the best paella going I moved on to the woodlands stage to see the Lottery winners, The Membranes, Satyr Play.

It’s a short walk to the woodlands stage from Tim Peaks through the woods to fine a log cabin styled stage, the bands on this stage were greeted by enthusiastic crowds that enjoyed the 3 sets.

A few visits to the bar were had and we made our way down to the main stage to catch Sheffield’s Reverend and the Makers. “Banger after banger” is Mcclure’s mantra and this band never disappoint.

A little treat for you next and you can find loads more 360-degree camera action on our Facebook page too, is Nile Rodgers Chic performance, no words needed for the legend. It felt like 20 hits slammed into 2 hours of pure enjoyment that went in 5 mins. Enjoy! (If you get video unavailable open it up on the YouTube app HERE folks, 360 doesn’t work on all browsers yet. )

What a festival Kendal Calling is yeah it rained and times got tough but everyone stook together and partied on! A great family atmosphere, cracking line up, plenty to do. I would advise buying the early bird tickets for next year and ill see yer in the fields.