Kenny and Meisha – Red Wine (Get Down)

There’s a time and place for every sort of music. Bossa Nova on the beaches of Brazil; black metal when burning down Swedish churches, and German techno in Berlin when…well the less said about that the better. Either way, the fact remains that you can always find music to suit where you are, either geographically or emotionally.

And that’s where “Red Wine (Get Down)” puts one in something of a quandary. After all, it’s nearly impossible to travel back in time to a summer 20 years ago, yet that’s where the track seems best suited to. And I don’t mean that as negatively as one might think, despite not being the intended audience here.

Rather than feeling archaic, or anachronistic, “Red Wine…” feels nostalgic and kitschy, its frothy poppy production keeping it tethered in the present alongside Meisha’s sugary vocal delivery – its moreish and irresistible in the same way that gummy bears are.

But much like gummy bears, it’s easy to overindulge as far as “Red Wine…” is concerned, and it’s as likely to leave one with toothache. This is largely due to Kenny’s vocal delivery. Staccato and jagged, it punctures the track’s otherwise glassy exterior all too often, feeling forced and oddly out of place.

Though there’s no denying that Kenny has talent in terms of writing and of course production, there’s something about the faux-accent and pseudo aggression in his delivery that feels completely out of sync with the rest of the track. It’s a shame, as had Meisha’s vocal been allowed the space to really soar, “Red Wine…” would have felt much more palatable.