Kenny – You Like It

Independent artist Kenny originates from Sheffield. With his music reflecting messages of growing up in an ever changing city, Kenny returns with ‘You Like It. Drawn to singing and performing from an early age, Kenny featured with the Northern Ballet Theatre at Sheffield’s Lyceum.

Beginning to write both songs and poem in his early teens, his songwriting career has blossomed into something quite beautiful. Writing both for himself and other local artists, Kenny’s no stranger to the music industry. After a long period of touring, gigging and songwriting, Kenny focused on specialising in production, and you can hear how much it’s paid off with latest single ‘You Like It’.

Featuring a chart ready production, the infectious pop number illuminates itself in an indie atmosphere. Although the global pandemic has ceased performances, Kenny is still working hard in recording his album, and producing remotely for his artists. An anthem that’s ready for the dance floor, the overall passion of the song oozes with charisma.

Even though pop music is always at the front of the world’s mainstream charts, ‘You Like It’ feels slightly outdated and ‘noughties’ like. Saying that, the nostalgic presence of the single illuminates happy times before the pandemic, and tells the story that things will get easier, we just have to give it time. A song dedicated to fans out there that need a little pick me up, stick You Like It on, we guarantee you’ll LOVE it.