Keyframe – Steve’s Thunder

Sheffield four-piece Keyframe bring three minutes of rockin’ riffs and rapidly belted out lyrics in their new indie-rock single “Steve’s Thunder”. This tune will have you movin’ and groovin’ for sure, with its contagiously catchy, head-bobbing worthy instrumentation, and moody sounds. It is definitely reminiscent of the predecessor “Odd Socks”, which they released last month; both bangers, both fun.

The band draw influence from the likes of Bloc Party and this is apparent in the track; the guitarmanship made me think of ‘Helicopter’ by the latter; energetic Post-Punk with lyricism that don’t seem to make any sense (maybe some vaguely political utterances, or vaguely moody-early-twenties stage fueled ones). But, they don’t have to. It’s as simple as that. They somehow create an evident impression that you don’t have to understand what they’re saying, if you want to enjoy the track to the maximum extent. Belt out the hooks and embrace the riffs, and you’ll be one step away from getting it. In addition to this, if you feel  and appreciate the instrumental hooks, then it’s done and dusted. 

Therefore, the at times indecipherable lyrics are entirely forgivable, and perhaps even encouraged… Because they have the balls to plunge into the enjoyable aggressive abyss of a banger which transports the listener to the House of Blues in Chicago, moshing and bobbing and rocking. Besides – the focus of the song isn’t to delve into profound and pretentious lyrics, but rather tongue in cheek ones, to complement the relentless propelling of the instrumentals. And this is fine by me.