Kia – Put Your Body On Me

At first glance, you’ll instantly think this song has a seductive nature, and honestly, you’re completely right. A sensual song that’s coated with R&B, soul and Latin influences, Kia’s exceptional vocals take centre stage and completely steal the show. Armed with an ear-worm melody that will bury its way into your mind, Kia’s mesmerising new single serves as a track to stick on to instantly soothe your soul.

Originally from the Netherlands but now residing in Los Angeles, this songwriter deserves the whole world to recognise his astonishing vocals. A track that we can all relate to in someway, Kia’s latest single talks about having fantasies and wanting things that we can’t always have. A number that will let you mind wonder and do the talking, the best thing about ‘Put Your Body on Me is the dynamic build.

Sounding like an instant classic from its jazz meets soul arrangement, the polished production cements legendary status because of its free-spirited nature. Using her own mixed heritage to blend various genres into one sound, this new single refuses to be captured.

Easily up there with one of the strongest instrument arrangements I’ve personally heard this year, Kia’s new single will leave you speechless. With a simple lyrical theme, the complexity lies within the arrangement, and once you hear it, you’ll know exactly what we’re on about.