Kickin Lilies – All These Bad Dreams

Kickin Lilies come out swinging and ready to fight their way to the top, with their debut single ‘All These Bad Dreams’. Full of heavy riffs and deep bass, this record is full of attitude and passion.

The record has a big grudge feel to it with the distorted electric guitar riff but is more of a rock song overall. The distorted guitar has a great sound and sets the tone for the song right at the start. 

The catchy drumbeat that kicks in helps the song roll through the verse and the vocals are strong and demonstrate that from the first line. The verse is a great hook to drag you in before the chorus explodes into life. The chorus is full of heavy riffs and exciting drums, before fading out back to the slower verse.

This song is perfect for a small venue where the crowd would just go wild. The pace of the song allows the crowd to build up during the verse then unleash into a mosh pit for the chorus before repeating that rhythm. It even has an intense guitar solo that ramps up the pace to send the crowd crazy.

As far as debut singles go ‘All These Bad Dreams’ is a great debut single and one that shows that Kickin Lilies aren’t here to mess around. They want to make hard-hitting music and get crowds excited and having a good time.