It’s not often you get to stand a couple of metres away from a Hollywood legend twice in a week (it is not often you get to this once to be fair). After being lucky to see the fabulous Tilda Swinton last week perform at Bluedot, tonight I got to witness Mr Jack Bauer himself perform at the Ritz with his wonderful country band.

The stage set up was quirky and homely, a small table with a bedside lamp and warm house lighting gave the venue a cosy feel. Kiefer Sutherland bounded on to the stage full of energy and was eager to talk to his fans who had attended this rescheduled gig after the dreaded C word stripped of us such pleasures a few years ago.

Fortunately that is all history now, but it appears that like so many other creatives, the pandemic allowed him to focus on his songwriting, with his latest album being partly influenced by the events of 2020.

Kiefer has a solid stage presence, with some gravity defying jumps it rarely keeps still. The songs are well crafted country pedal steel guitar, mixed in with some prog rock. The boundless enthusiasm is electric and thoroughly entertaining, especially the jumps and Elvis-esque swagger.

Remaining humble and modest throughout, Sutherland continues to thank fans for coming to see him, (apparently some over eager fans had been waiting at the venue from 4pm to catch a glimpse of Sutherland). The attraction isn understandable, in an age of falseness and filters, Sutherland and his band provide genuinity. It is a successful side project miles away from his action hero film and television roles, in this role Sutherland gets to play himself, and he does every so brilliantly.

More information can be found HERE about Kiefer Sutherland. You can catch Sutherland this weekend at Kendal Calling festival (I highly recommend you add him to your schedule!)

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