Kijera – I Don’t Mind

Capturing the mood of the moment perfectly, this new track from Bristol based artist Kijera oozes eeriness and exudes sinister, dark tones while maintaining a real sense of power.

The most enthralling thing about I Don’t Mind is how it is seemingly inspired by contrasting sounds. From the off it appears to have a stripped back but grungy edge to it, only to launch into a much more in your face metal influenced wall of noise for its chorus. This is even more impressive when you take into account that this writing is not the work of contrasting musicians, but one man branching out to the very reach of his abilities and bringing it all together into one three-and-a-half minute escapade.

This is a track really brings to the spotlight the abilities Kijera can display not only in songwriting but in performing. The vocals are so entrancing through the early part of the song that it’s easy to get lost in them as they swirl and moan with an almost Cobain-esque tone, luring you in, and leaving you even more taken aback when the instrumentals burst through.

All in all this is a track which takes you on a journey through the life of grunge and metal. Parts feel nostalgic of its roots, but then the heaviness of the guitar and drums breaks through in tandem with the screaming vocal patterns it is transformed into something unmistakably modern. Where he will take his sound next is hard to say, but one things for sure, he’s not short on options.