King Orange:​ Ingratitude

Hull post-punks King Orange prove they’ve got the genre down to a fine art on their new single ‘Ingratitude’. They wear their influences loud and proud, and do a pretty decent job at paying homage to those influences.

Ingratitude’ has all the hallmarks of post-punk, and right from the off you get the echoey, incessant bassline that runs as a consistent anchor for the track whilst the guitar does the showy stuff.

The guitar is tastefully underused to give more space for the typically melancholy vocals, but when it appears, it brings some killer riffs and abrasive, scratchy distortion to park you right into that dimly-lit, moody headspace.

The vocals have a enthralling progression throughout the track, as they get gradually more agitated and angry which makes you more and more invested in the story behind the lyrics; a despairing look at the dance of human relationships.

King Orange already sound like seasoned pros on what is only their third single, and the only thing for them to do is keep up the solid effort. Keep going with their well-honed balance, keep coming up with exciting guitar parts and keep practicing lyrics as much as possible, and they won’t go far wrong.