Kirsten McKay – Hey!

Breathing new life into her musical ambitions after a twenty year hiatus, London based singer-songwriter Kirsten McKay has arrived with debut single ‘Hey!’. Inspired by namely PJ Harvey and Kirsty MacColl, she has blended folk, rock and pop elements and took the first steps in creating her own brand of melody and narrative driven song writing.

The thing that grabs you most in this track is unique mixture of subtlety and strength McKay carries in her sound. It’s this blend of emotion contained in her voice which makes this song so exciting, interesting, and more than anything, gripping. Toying between different sounds, with guitar solos that even exude Americana vibes, there is always something keeping this song fresh with each listen.

The other element which jumps out at you is the toughness of McKay’s lyrics. At its core this is a tale of being knocked down, doubted and written off by people, but coming through for yourself and believing in your own strength. This message of fortitude is wrapped up in such a melodic and joyous sound, though, that it lifts the strife heavenward.

The only way really to summarise this song being a recipe formed  of contrasting vibe, emotions and genres, which still manages to come out as greater than the sum of its parts. Nothing is done with great emphatic vigour. Instead, it’s the subtlety and sophistication of the sounds she’s used to expertly that make this such an interesting and unique piece of song writing.

Needless to say, I for one and glad Kirsten McKay has rediscovered her urge to make music after such a long hiatus, and long may she continue.