Klara McDonnell – Dusty Glitter (Skynem GT Remix)

Originally released last year as a more playful and whimsical offering compared to her recent back catalogue, the Skynem GT remix of Klara McDonnell’s ‘Dusty Glitter’ somehow manages to detract from the emotional qualities originally offered by the track, making its listenability fall well below the par set by McDonnell’s own original country-pop. As far as remixes go, this is one to be forgotten. 

Perhaps it’s the sheer scale of the detour in sound that is putting me off, but if I’m honest I think I’ve given both versions enough of a listen to say with confidence that it’s simply not a particularly well thought out take on the track. It’s a bland and clean-cut release, with no hint of McDonnell’s original narrator like quality that makes her lyrics (across the board) pop out to the forefront of your listening experience.

Unnecessary, and frankly quite irritating, loopings of vocal passages, drizzled in awkward autotune, do nothing to help progress and develop on what McDonnell had already released. 

The beat itself is undynamic, unflattering, and quite frankly dull; at no point do I feel drawn into where the remix will take me next, and in all honesty, at no point am I excited to hear what exactly Skynem GT has/had planned for it.

It’s all a bit one-dimensional. Is the song a catchy country-infused pop banger? No, not quite. But for me, that’s all this track ever needed to be. If you’re wanting to see just exactly what Klara McDonnell can do, this is not the track to dive in with. There’s plenty more of her releases that comfortably blow this one out of the water.