The rules are simple(ish): they can’t repeat an album, and to just make it that little bit more interesting they have to use the same track number from another album. For example, Track 1 could be the opening track of the incredible Stone Roses’ debut ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Track 2 could be Blur’s ‘Song 2′ – you get the idea? – basically their fave track 1, 2, 3 etc from 10 different albums.

 Kobi Omenaka is a podcast host with ‘Flixwatcher‘ (so you never need to struggle with Netflix films again), previous guests have included Helen Zaltzman, Doc Brown and Adam & Joe. Kobi aslo hosts ‘The Wire Stripped‘ which recaps every episode of HBO’s “The Wire“, previous guests include Mark Kermode and Scroobius Pip. Kobi is also one of the founders of Stripped Media a podcast network for forward-thinking pod-culture podcasts.

1. ‘Come Together’ – The Beatles – Abbey Road

I’m not here to play around! The first track from favourite album from The Beatles is one of my favourite songs ever. What a great way to lead out a stellar album.”

2.’Killing in The Name’ – Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

The combination of Zach De La Rocha’s vocal delivery and guns blazing musicianship of band is never bettered. I went to the live gig that RATM did in Finsbury Park after they became UK Christmas #1 with this song. One of my best gigs ever!

3.’Touch The Sky’ – Kanye West – Late Registration

I used to love this guy! I’ve seen him live twice now. Once he was a wally, on stage so I guess the signs were all there. I’m looking forward to watching the Netflix Documentary on him when I can carve out the time.”

4.’We Don’t Talk about Bruno’ – Encanto OST

I’m so glad kids today have the option of seeing amazing non-white female led films where it’s not about finding love. So many ace songs on this soundtrack (I was looking at Moana too) but thsi is a song that me and my son dance around the lounge to at the moment so that takes the Lin-Manuel-Miranda-Disney-film-song-slot.”

5.’Clint Eastwood’ – Gorillaz – Gorillaz

This was the worlds first glimpse of Gorillaz over 20 years ago now and it’s still fresh. The “Demon Days Live” concert did at Manchester Opera House is one of my Top 10 Concerts of all time.”

6. ‘Mindfields’ – The Prodigy – Fat of the Land

My favourite non-single track from Fat of The Land. I was thinking of them as I saw that The Prodigy were touring again and will be the first shows without Keith Flint since he tragically passed away.”

7.’Just’ – Radiohead – The Bends

This was the song that got me into Radiohead. Somehow I missed Creep. Love it! “

8.’The Seed 2.0′ – The Roots – Phrenology

As I write this Questlove’s film “Summer of Soul” has just won a BAFTA. I have to honour the great man some way.”

9.’Maps’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell

I was telling a friend about how a former housemate of mine had a band who supported Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In fact – the original gig line up had Yeah Yeah Yeahs were supposed to be supporting them until their management rang up and asked what the hell was going on and reversed it. This was before their first album came out but still.”

10.One Day Like This – Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid

Yes! A true modern hymn. This song has soundtracked many of my happiest days including my wedding and will always put a smile on my face.”

One of my favourite Fantasy Albums, I would definitely buy this from Our Price or wherever the kids buy their music from these days.

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