KTEE : Louder

Louder is the latest single from Austrian artist KTEE, and tackles the modern topic of much contention, social media. With lyrics which carry a lot of meaning as they satirise the modern obsessions with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like. Despite being a little too on the nose they’re attention grabbing and thought provoking nonetheless. 

With all this comes KTEE’s soulful vocals as she gives a powerful and heartfelt performance, that feels very genuine in it’s concern for people in the modern day. Hitting notes nicely and making for a very pleasant listening experience that evokes excellent talent, similar to many other pop singers with great vocal talents. 

Set to a very minimalistic backing track, one which combines a mixture of acoustic guitar, synth effects, drum machines, piano, and what sounds like a church organ in some places. 

For the most part, the backing track is there to compliment the vocal performance without intruding or overpowering the main point of the song. With the majority of this being a deep and powerful synth note that ebbs and flows like a heartbeat during the chorus. Everything else is sprinkled in at various points, layering all together and dropping in and out of earshot at various there points. 

With such a subtle approach, the instrumentals sit almost as an afterthought that you may struggle to pick up on unless listening intently for them. This compliments the track though, with a heavy focus on lyrical content always remaining at the forefront of the feel-good track.