KTEE – Your Place

Continuing on from a great string of tracks last year, in particular, the fun and inspiring Louder, KTEE brings something with a more personal touch. 

Your Place is a great expression of feelings and enjoyment. The title gives away exactly what’s going on without being explicit. With some carefully picked lyrics to avoid getting too raunchy, Your Place is a very safe party track that’s got a lot going for it. 

Along with KTEE’s ever fantastic vocal performance that hits some fantastic high notes here, without ever losing the powerful soulful sound she possesses. 

Coupled with her usual accompaniment of 80’s inspired instrumentals, in particular a fantastic twanging guitar providing a very catchy hook throughout. 

Going in a little deeper, there’s a wide range of funky sound, including a drum machine, strong bass and a variety of synth sound. There’s a very strong party element about it all and it just adds to fun of it all. 

It’s such a fun listen that it’s almost the perfect song to put on whilst on a commute, at home, at a party, its got a very one size fits all kind of feel to it. Coupled with it’s safe sound, never coming close to anything truly explicit, it just adds to KTEE’s fantastic string of tracks that keeps getting stronger.