Kyle MAGNVS – Waiting

Hailing from Jamaica and now based in Madrid, Kyle MAGNVS has made quite the impression with a smooth club tune that doubles as a very chilled vibe song. 

Immediately you’re hit with a fantastic hook that sets a very chilled out yet fast paced precedent for Waiting. There’s a gentleness to it that draws in its listeners and sets them at ease. With a fantastic production in place, you get to feel every beat clearly, and this provides a very infectious sound that is hard not to move to. 

In a more technical capacity, Waiting is a very classic lo-fi chilled out kind of song that wouldn’t be unfamiliar to anyone into the club scene. There’s a very complex and technical arrangement of drum beats throughout that all follow the consistent beat. From there it is accentuated by a gentle guitar strum that adds a nice contrast to the powerful bass of the drums. Throughout the song there are interesting moments where various percussion and other sound effects are added, and this keeps things interesting. 

Rather than using a vocal performance that relies on telling a story, there is instead a minimal use of vocals comparative to the classic verse-chorus-verse formula. Instead MAGNVS utilises a very gentle and measured vocal performance that repeats a several lines throughout. It’s an excellent performance that feels incredibly natural, lacking any autotune whatsoever. Instead there is various reverb and voice echoing effects put in just to accentuate the core of the performance. 

This same idea is also what makes the instrumental elements of Waiting excellent, relying on a simple idea and beat and building outwards from there in small ways. It’s the strength of the Waiting as a whole, building up from one place and accentuating what is otherwise something very simple.