La Fondas – Rodeo

Manchester’s La Fondas soak you in a tidal wave of nostalgic sentiment on their latest track ‘Rodeo’. It’s bright, fresh and bags of fun; putting you in mind of the long hot summer we’re all craving.

Rodeo’ sees La Fondas brimming with confidence; this is about as tight as you can possibly get. In every sense the track is magnificently balanced. It’s a well-oiled machine that just leaves you simply thinking “yes, this is how a good song works.”


It’s effortlessly catchy too; it doesn’t take much to get you right into the groove. The backing vocals are a particular source of joy as well. It’s just a pure pleasure to hear a band working so brilliantly as a team.

The only criticism that could possibly be laid at La Fondas’ door is that ‘Rodeo’ is pretty predictable. You can guess what the next lyric is going to be the vast majority of the time. This is nothing to worry about though; as once you get your silly ‘every song has to be groundbreaking’ hat off, the simplicity of ‘Rodeo’ is what makes it so charming.

It would be great to see the band throw a few curveballs around in their future tracks, and they surely will judging by the talent on display on this tune.