La Roboká : Klagelied einer Enttäuschten

Exploded onto the scene this year, art-pop duo La Roboká fuse an avant-garde nature with an exceptional amount of diversity. Lady K and Robulus of La Roboká wanted to create a soundscape that will glisten and touch audiences with their pure messages. Bringing their own twist to the art-pop scene, the eccentric nature of their music may make you turn your head but by the end of the song, they’ll have captured your full attention. Lady K’s operatic vocals enhance a relaxed atmosphere while Robulus produces a film-like composition. Identifying as a duo who don’t hold back, La Roboká are my personal favourite discovery of the week.

‘Klagelied einer Enttäuschten’ finds it way through a realm of reflection. Feeling somewhat spiritual and emotive with its fragrance of telling a story, the futuristic tune illuminates itself in an electronic arrangement.

Genre-bending and creating their own universe, the sound illustrates a transcending vision to go with it. Certainly not mainstream, if you find yourself just listening to one particular genre of music, then La Roboká may not be for you.

Nevertheless, if you’re always wanting to discover something new and refreshing, this two-piece will brighten up your day. From the get go, you may find it a bit wacky and strange, but give it a chance, the eclectic piece is a breath of fresh air.