Lachlan – Relay

Writing and producing in a bedroom studio is never going to be an easy task,  you’re constrained by sub optimal equipment and a basic setup. But despite the struggle, Lachlan manages to make a sound that rivals some studio produced work. 

Relay is filled out with a variety of guitar work and an imaginative delivery that goes to show that there is always some new kind of sound to be dug up, and that the well can never truly go dry. 

It’s within the guitar delivery that Lachlan sounds his most comfortable, producing a variety of sounds that don’t attempt to push the indie rock envelope, rather to refine them to a T. As far as a solo act goes, there’s always going to be a trade off as to whether you’re going to struggle for ideas without someone to rebound off of. But you do have a clearer vision as to what your sound should be. 

The variety of acoustic and electric, high and low tones, rhythm and solo, everything sounds distinctly different. It gives off a grander feeling of production, rather than crumbling under being a solo artist producing out of bedroom conditions. 

But past the guitar there’s a very minimal feel, with drums being pushed way off to the back and purely being there to carry the general rhythm. It’s not a slight against Relay either, Lachlan is playing to his strengths by making his guitar the focus. 

As for lyrics, Lachlan backs up his excellent guitar skills and production with a clean and gentle vocal performance that is great to listen to on repeat listens. It can be lost slightly in the rest of the performance, but it’s purely down to the captivating tune and soft delivery. Overall it’s a great performance that carries a real flair to it.