Lanterns – Trends

Trends is a fun, easily accessible track with its poppy guitar-licks, and vaguely relatable lyrics which admittedly, are twinged with the romantic genericness of most pop songs.

The Manchester quartet, Lanterns, have released three minutes of feel-good glittery pop and a riff which is as catchy as it simplistic. Combining breezy vocals with catchy guitar foundations lends the track a sunny nostalgic feel; all the way through listening to it, the musicianship made me think of summer road trips and drinking beers with friends – a generally carefree, relaxed vibe.

However, with their main focus being on creating a bubbly baseline for the track, the quality of the lyrics is frankly forfeited. The flair was difficult to find, and I found the lyrics to be slightly lacking in originality, leaning towards the lyrical inclusivity that is typical to so many tracks of upcoming bubblegum-pop bands.

If you’re a fan of specifically Viola Beach’s sole guitarmanship with their clean melodies, and Catfish & The Bottlemen’s infamous tendency of using big words without actually knowing what they mean, then you’ll probably have a slight affinity for this track.

Overall, it’s an easy listen; a fun, trademark-bubblegum-pop baselined track which I can see making listeners reminiscent of going on balmy day drives, in a carefree summer bubble… Listeners who are not particularly concerned with substantial lyrics, but with a preference for sunny sounds and snappy guitar strums – which make it an enjoyable track in spite of the repetitious lyrics.