Lara Smiles – The Fighting’s Over

This is a bit of a bop, this is. But it’s not your average bop – no, no, no. Lara Smiles is up to something everyone needs to take note of with her newest release ‘The Fighting’s Over’. Yes, it’s a delicate piece of kick-ass DIY indie with a twist, but something tells me we could be in for something really quite special in 2019 from Lara.

If you were to listen to a 30 second snippet of ‘The Fighting’s Over’ you could very easily conclude that Lara Smiles new single is a masterful piece of post-punk, a summery indie banger, or a big slice of good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. The truth is it’s all of these things, and to make matters even better, it only goes and bloody works a treat. 

I’m immediately intrigued and hooked by Lara’s approach to this new single. It’s like the Joker’s smile; yes, he’s smiling, and it’s not a smile you could forget anytime soon, but there’s something lurking underneath all the makeup and scars that could be really quite sinister. It’s this ability to evoke different emotions throughout the song that sets Lara Smiles apart in my book. Withdrawn vocals in the verses accompanied by bass and a unique drum sound are, perhaps, at odds with the soaring chorus that follows, but I f*cking love it. It’s like she’s gone off and written a track to show the world what she can do, and goddamit she can do it well.

(Also she’s on tour in June and I’ll be personally offended if you don’t go to a show).