Last Bee on Earth – Prism Break

Last Bee on Earth is the solo adventure of music producer, guitarist but mainly musical genius songwriter Mike Bee. Firstly a traditional singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist Mike attaches many strings to his ‘genre’ bow. Combining a musical rollercoaster of psychedelic rock, folk, hip hop and electronica, the distinctive sound is one to rock your world completely.

‘In the Woods (Prism Break)’ is a 6 minute long epic that’s a journey and a half. Dosed with a repetitive nature, there’s something about this track that doesn’t get boring. With it’s careless nature, it may feel tiresome, but it cements that this album holds a true adventure ahead. ‘Ebb and Flow’ has a more ‘in your face’ essence. Saying that, it doesn’t really have a true impact on the mix. It feels like there’s a lot going on all at once at a small dynamic. Saying that, there’s a creative linger through the vocals that makes the track feel colourful.

Giving a friendly nudge to rock and roll, ‘White Light’ plays a big part on Prism Break. It holds a western element in it’s core as well. Only thing that I’d say to improve on would be to make the vocal line slightly more imaginative, other than that, a great track. ‘Testament Song’ holds a more chilled approach and it may even be the most captivating of songs on this mini album.

The laid back attitude is soft but not to a point where it’ll make you fall asleep. It holds your attention with it’s creative arrangement. There’s a rough, but fantastic rhythmical structure to ‘Human Heart’. It’s rigid round the edges but sticks to a comforting aura. Filled with attitude in all the right places, it’s a strong entry for the album.

Sticking with the same vocal production throughout the album, “Two Wolves” is piercing to the point that it feels like there’s not a good level of bass in it. As for the arrangement, it’s more towards a blues number but with elements of a clear ambience.

Finishing off the album is “Here Comes the Wave”. Going back to his psychedelic routes, there’s a real 60’s atmosphere to this track. A well crafted album, that feels like it could be polished that little bit more, but loving the raw essence of it.