Last Of The Fallen Angels – PHASE IV

Sharing their latest single with RGM, The Last Of The Fallen Angels release their latest ambient works PHASE IV.

Opening with an atmospheric soundscape of slow percussion and synth pads, PHASE IV begins with offering a cool, serene vibe to its listeners. Joining the mix an electric piano plays amongst the music, and with dry tonalities similar to that of a battery-operated toy piano, it does sound slightly jolty within the mix but oddly, not quite out of place. The vocals see two separate voices sing amongst each other using a melodic contrast in their phrasing and rhythm. The female vocalist follows a flowing yet, stable melody within the music, travelling above the male counterpart whose vocal lines follow a melody closer to that of the spoken word instead of song. With the music being smooth pad heavy, the contrasting vocal lines add a well-needed bit of texture within the track and certainly work effectively.

Throughout the song we hear the vocalists sing without their counterparts for a short while which adds a small amount of variety within the song, but unfortunately not a great deal. The track doesn’t attempt many variations between its sections but instead repeats numerous chunks of its composition, lacking the spark to attract your full attention. If listening to the track objectively, its duration does seem to drag on slightly longer than you’d see fit as it feels closer to a meditative soundscape to that of a radio-friendly track.

PHASE IV simply proves itself as a linear, atmospheric piece of background ambience which would work perfectly for creating a cool, relaxed vibe. With the track not having a solid returning centres (e.g. chorus and verses) it allows itself to effortlessly flow in and out of earshot whilst creating a smooth pad for conversation to rest upon.