Last Of The Wonder Kids – Animals

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a sound that I have missed from my teenage years which has a combination of indie rock, fuzzy guitars and a little bit of accessible and sugary sweet pop punk. My years of anguish and waiting are over after hearing ‘Animals’ by Grimsby-based band ‘Last Of The Wonder Kids’.  

The seaside trio blend together popping drums, groovy bass, noisy guitars and to top it all off some catchy harmonies between Alexander Brown and Lorna Findlater. This combination of sounds, hooks and accessible music remind me of some personal favourites like The Subways and Tigers Jaw.  

The words were stuck in my head after one listen and I have to thank that upbeat tempo that lasts throughout the track and has me entranced. Intoxicatingly, the post-chorus line: ‘Call me an animal, if you think it’s animalistic’ and its blending into the second verse was so groovy. With the accompanying bass and drum playing I can’t see why any pop rock fan wouldn’t want to hear this track on repeat.  

The fuzzy guitars do enough to add a sonic sound to the mix that isn’t too in your face and mixes well with the vocals and other instrumentation. With the band being a trio there’s definitely a focus on keeping a good rhythm and tempo structure which is performed well and I think the beauty of this three-piece is that you get to pick out each contribution clearly.  

After hearing Animals, it influenced me to check out some of their other tracks which have a relatable sound to the aforementioned track and have become an instant favourite of mine.  

Grimsby may be gloomy, but as long as we have bands like Last Of The Wonder Kids then there are good times to be had.