Late Night Marauders EP – Episode One

With the feel of a release mystically teleported decades past, Late Night Marauders are bringing soulful R’n’B to the twenty first century. This beautifully dynamic five track EP conjures up imagery of dance halls and smokey jazz clubs, and carries an undeniable flair from start to finish. 

Brings Me To Tears is the swinging introduction which kicks the door open to the pleasures that lie ahead. Much like the rest of what is to come, the most startling element that first grabs you is the unwavering power in the voice of lead vocalist Ruthie Scott. Combined with pianist James Wood, with whom she musically dovetails with effortlessly, it creates something which feels unmistakably meaningful. 

Unlike the first track which strives for big sounds and remarkable power, the following two, Hey Bartender and Come Home rely more on an elegant ability to tell stories. The former is a cinematic tale of a woman who works hard, and just wants to relax with a drink at the end of the day, perhaps particularly apt in the times we are currently living in. 

They speak of Nina Simone, Ray Charles and the likes as inspirations, and you a definitely feel that, but in these more toned down track especially there is a blatant Amy Winehouse vibe which grabs you from time to time. One doesn’t wish to compare them too much to idols of yesteryear however, as these songs really stand on their own merit. 

Their arguably biggest sounding and most complete track comes in the form of Raggedy Old Man. This tune carries the best rhythm on the EP, and could easily be mistaken for a track by a Rhythm and Blues great from years past if you didn’t know better. Again, the storytelling which moves it along feels so organic, whether they are based on real experiences I can’t answer but it all feels very heartfelt and full of passion. 

We come to the conclusion with Circus. As if they needed emphasising any more, Scott’s vocals have moments in the introduction of this song where they are unaccompanied by instruments, and it only confirms the heavenliness of them even more. The versatility not just in the vocals but in the whole sound to create such a differing array of sounds through the different tracks on this EP is so impressive. But most of all it is just pleasurable to listen to. It’s uplifting, and it can be the ray of light that you need in these darkest of times.