Launch Control – Attention Economy

Attention… economy… we need a word! Released October 3rd, Launch Control’s effortless new EP is infused with punk rock sensibilities. Based in Reading, this fierce trio are next through the door into the ever-growing punk scene. With Idles recently releasing their new album, punk has never been so strong. Returning with their latest release, ‘Attention Economy’ is an EP not for the faint hearted. 

Zombigots’ initially comes through as an acoustic punk number with room to grow before exploding into true punk. A track that feels somewhat insecure and vulnerable to begin with, that’s quickly brushed away with an adrenaline performance. ‘Attention Economy’ is good old fashioned punk rock. Short but certainly sweet, this track is angry and fuelled with opinions. A big middle fingers up to fake news and negativity, Launch Control exclaim it truly is a ‘bidding war for your thoughts’.

Track number 3 hears the trio take it up a notch in energy. ‘Cult of Ignorance’ is coated in a skate-punk atmosphere. Another short contender, this track feels like it lacks substance instrumentally. Feeling like it’s screaming for a guitar solo shortly before the last chorus, ‘Cult of Ignorance’ ignores the haters and does it own thing anyway. ‘Paper Tiger’ carries on the skate-punk momentum with it’s head held in the clouds. If your foot doesn’t get tapping instantly to this anthem, something’s wrong. Immediately gripping onto your attention with it’s powerful drums and aggressive instruments, the fourth track on the EP is punk at it’s finest. 

EP closer ‘Marketing for Martyrs’ sees Launch Control in a different light. Somewhat moody and dark, this final track showcases how diverse this powerhouse trio truly are. At 5 minutes long, the longest track on the EP is a farewell, but not forever. If you’re not into hearing political music with an edge, this EP is not for you.