Laurel Smith – Game Over

Kicking in with a deep and brooding baseline, new Single ‘Game Over’ encapsulates depression and anxiety with its raw and honest lyrics. The song was written about a time when Singer/Songwriter Laurel Smith had no control over her life, she describes life at this point as like “being trapped in a vicious cycle: being in a situation which you try to get your self out of, but finding yourself back in the place that you began. Like being a character in a video game and every time you die, you’re regenerated back at the start.” And that idea pulls through really with the lyrics and the effects in the song.

Laurel stated that she wanted people to hear the song and be able to identify with the feelings she’d experienced and she’s definitely succeeded. The opening lyric talks about being sat in the shower, staring into space, holding her breath and picking at her lips and feeling that she is just standing in for herself and I’m not sure I’ve ever really heard it put like that before, but I know that many will relate. There are lightbulb lyrics throughout and I’m absolutely certain that they will help people who need something to relate to.

Whilst the song is quite sombre and atmospheric, it almost feels quite powerful, she’s singing about repeating the same actions and being stuck but its sung in a way that makes you feel that she’s taking ownership of her feelings and that this realisation is a turning point, she’s about to turn it all around for herself and the song doesn’t feel sad.

This girl’s voice is stunning, it’s deep and atmospheric (reminiscent of Lana De Ray) and it suits the song really well. There is a little bit of reverb and autotune in there that I’m not a huge fan of, the vocals and lyrics are supported really well by the baseline and there maybe didn’t need to be more effects in and I think it detracts slightly from what is otherwise a beautiful and moving song – but not enough to stop me from listening to it on repeat!