Laurelight – Magic

Taking influence from pop, electronica and funk, Laurelight combines an array of popular influences in their latest single ‘Magic’.

Opening up with a strong vocal hook, the music is quickly lead by an attempted hybrid of pop/electronic-funk, seeing syncopation and busy synthesised riffs work energetically amongst each other. Although bordering on an electronic funk influence, the song is more reminiscent of ‘nineties boyband pop. The composition of the song itself is relatively simplistic and lacks a daring contrast in structure, with the nature of its chosen rhythms and melodies allowing the music to be easily followed and carry with it a certain ‘fun’ feel.

Speaking compositionally, the riffs and synthesised melodies played throughout the track have an upbeat and catchy charm to them but do remain somewhat slightly unpolished. Without the use of a strong, funky lead riff to contrast with its pop-ier elements, it leaves the structure feeling a little dry, almost as if it’s missing an instrumental layer.

The use of a smooth synth pad would have helped to ground the track by providing a base for the rest of the music to rise from, giving it a chance to resolve itself before pushing more busy melodies into the tracks spotlight.

Although there is a subtle bass line featured in the track, it feels like it’s crying out for a leading bassline towards the forefront of the track to make its groove a little fiercer. As well as this, the phrasing of the vocals seems choppy amongst the verses, almost sounding like they’re following the lyrics for one of the first times but do however redeem their sound in the more rounded melody in the chorus.

The ideas behind the tracks sound are certainly there but just haven’t been grasped in the most effective way but the track does make it apparent that it’s not trying too hard to be anything other than fun. Although there is still room to grow, Laurelight gives the impression that they are heading down the right path in order to explore their creative choices in a more advanced way.