Lee Ford – My Best Friend

Looking at the influence of Gerry Cinnamon, Jake Bugg and any other indie male singer songwriter of the past decade for that matter, Lee Ford takes a stab at his own laddish ballad.

Based in Liverpool, Ford releases his debut single, ‘My Best Friend’, which believe it or not, is an ode to his childhood best friend. The track is stylistically reminiscent of a young teenage band covering a singer songwriter track, with basic pre-set guitar tones, standard rhythms and an amateur attention to the overall mix, the untidiness is almost nostalgic.

As a live take, the overall quality could perhaps be pardoned, but the finished mix pushes the gritty novelty a little too far. The electric guitar tones feel very muddy and against the acoustic strumming and feels abundantly clashy. The composition follows a simple four chord trick throughout the tracks entirety with a slight variation in the choruses. Joined rhythmically by drumbeats that too barely differ, the structure of the music feels very linear and shies away from much texture or grip.

Vocally, the same melodies are cloned throughout the music and despite being only 2:42, feels quite a bit longer. ‘My Best Friend’ cries out for some varying factors to create a more exciting level of engagement, as soon as you’ve heard the first verse and chorus, you’ve heard the whole song. Even simplistic techniques such as basic chordal and structural changes would have increased the level of substance the track holds.

My Best Friend’ feels very much like a debut release. The track certainly holds numerous similarities to the first attempts and releases we’ve seen throughout the years, but that’s not to say Lee Ford won’t blossom into his own polished sound in the future.