Le!ghton – Ocean Blue

Upcoming soul-pop singer songwriter Le!ghton crosses through deep water in debut single ‘Ocean Blue‘. The debut swims easily through realms of soul with sudden chord changes and illuminating itself in a fierce pop atmosphere. With subtle added elements of jazz in the mix too, Le!ghton may still be at the beginning of her career, but a journey of development and originality lies ahead.

Written during a difficult time for the songwriter, the single deals with depression and connects with fans with it’s personal emotive. A necessity in Le!ghton’s growth as not only an artist but as a human too, the single details itself as escapism for the songwriter, and for fans out there during these difficult times. As the track builds, Le!ghton’s vocals climb and there are even fragrances of a raspy voice which compliments the song beautifully.

The only thing to add for improvement would be adding a wider production as the track feels like it still has a lot of room for additional instruments. You could hear this single becoming a soulful anthem in time, and Le!ghton’s future discography looks to be promising to say the least.

Marking her first stamp in the industry, ‘Ocean Blue’ dives Le!ghton straight into the waters alongside other exceptional soul-pop artists at the moment.