LELO – Faceache

After a long time in lockdown-hibernation, LELO have emerged with a new and improved sound, showing maturity and progression in their new single Faceache

This is an anthem for all of us introverts, with clever lyrics that illustrate the struggles and challenges we must overcome with a particular focus on late-night overthinking. Everything that is contemplated in this song feels like therapy to lead-singer Ronan Peaker, as he gets his deepest thoughts and feelings off his chest. The frontman’s singing holds a lot of emotion and weight, and his smooth tone is so appealing in the setting of this indie tune. 

Everything the vocals offer are matched by the musical arrangement of Faceache. With shimmering guitars and atmospheric effects, LELO provides an ethereal sound that floats beneath the lyrics. The vocal performance feels as though it is trying to break through the noise of the instruments and murmuring backing vocals, enabling Peaker to create a sound that illustrates the journey of finding inner confidence.

Another noteworthy element of Faceache is the bass and drumming performances, that keep this track moving forward with momentum, the compression of the drums give that lovely lo-fi sound. These two instruments are then quietened by the break that comes late on. This is where the track is injected by an element of psych, with some experimental elements that include inaudible whispers and flowing water. 

Faceache feels like it is a glimpse of what is to come, and this excites me. It seems that LELO’s hiatus has benefited them greatly, with their new found sound, after having time to reflect. We can only hope that the following tracks have poured at least half the amount of emotion and passion as they have in Faceache.